2018 Kitchen Renovation Trends

The average homeowner is somewhat unaware of kitchen renovation trends for good reason. Kitchen renovations are not a yearly event. Furthermore, most homeowners assume renovating a kitchen will chew up a large portion of their discretionary income. The truth is renovating your kitchen does not have to bust your budget. Take a look at the kitchen designs detailed below, plan your budget accordingly and your loved ones will enjoy a gorgeous newly-renovated kitchen.

White is in Style

Take a moment to envision an all-white kitchen in your mind’s eye. All-white kitchens feel warm, welcoming and peaceful. Opt for an all-white kitchen and you will make excuses to spend more time in this section of your home. If white is not your color, consider using a different color throughout the entirety of the kitchen. As an example, navy blue kitchens are quite chic in 2018. Opt for this uniform dark hue throughout your kitchen and you won’t have to worry about visible staining.

Seize the Opportunity to Mix and Match

A kitchen renovation is an opportunity to put your creativity on display. Mixing and matching apply to kitchen features beyond colors. Consider mixing up your countertops to add that much more visual flair and character. Use a variety of materials such as marble and quartz to make your kitchen that much more aesthetically appealing. Add different colors in a strategic manner to cap off your kitchen renovation and you will have quite the unique cooking space.

Granite Is On The Way Out

Industry insiders who study kitchen trends closely agree granite is no longer en vogue. Homeowners are opting for marble and quartz as granite’s texture looks antiquated. Though marble and quartz are similar in aesthetics, quartz has emerged as amongst the most popular kitchen trends of 2018 as it is comparably durable.

Matte Is In Style

Opt for matte and you will have quite the chic kitchen. Matte has spilled directly into the mainstream for good reason: it is stylish and sleek; it can be applied to the majority of the kitchen and provides a lovely finish. Matte finish will make your kitchen feel truly modern. From refrigerators to faucets, kitchen islands and beyond, matte can be featured on just about anything in your newly-renovated kitchen.

Undermount Sinks are Replacing Farm Sinks

Farmhouse sinks gained momentum up until this year. Part of the appeal of a farm sink is its simplicity. It will be interesting to see if farmhouse sinks slowly give way to undermount sinks as we enter the fall. Though farmhouse sinks look nice upon first glance, they permit splashing that allows grime to settle. Furthermore, farmhouse sinks do not wear as well as other sinks. If you are considering a traditional steel undermount sink, you should know kitchen trends 2018 favor colors as opposed to steel.

An Improved Backsplash

The latest kitchen designs feature countertops as backsplashes along the walls. More and more homeowners are favoring Spanish tiles in the kitchen as well as other portions of the home.

Asymmetrical Lighting is all the Rage

Asymmetrical lighting gained momentum in 2017. This style of lighting will only get that much more popular throughout the remainder of 2018. Part of asymmetrical lighting’s appeal is its dramatic effect. Such lighting guides the eyes through asymmetrical pendants to spotlight the kitchen’s best feature(s).

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