6 Ways to Save On Your Kitchen Demo Project

6 Ways to Save On Your Kitchen Demo Project

It’s no secret about how much a kitchen renovation project costs. Although costs will vary, kitchen renovation prices can be so high that some homeowners may be deterred from making the updates they want or need, thinking that the changes are simply too expensive. For others, there’s no better time than the present to tackle those home improvement projects and transform the worn down and outdated into the beautiful, fresh and functional.

When the time is right to finally invest in new kitchen cabinetry, one of the easiest ways to help make the project more affordable and keep a few more dollars in your pocket is to carefully plan out the demolition process before a single cabinet is removed.


If you’re confident in your demolition skills, you can DO THE LABOR YOURSELF. Demolition labor costs could cost you $500-$1000 for an average-sized kitchen. If you know what you’re doing and can remove your old cabinetry and/or walls safely and properly, that’s a decent amount of money to save that could be budgeted toward other renovation expenses. You may even have a few friends and family members who can offer a helping hand to get the work done. If you’ve got the time, talent and tools, this could be a great money-saving option to consider.

Hiring A Pro

Paying for skilled labor could save you money. Yes, this may seem contrary to option number one, but it could save you thousands in unexpected costs. Don’t do your own kitchen demolition if you don’t understand:

  • Load bearing walls and beams, and why they’re important for the structural integrity of your home
  • Basic plumbing, electrical wiring and air ducts that are housed within your kitchen’s walls and how to turn off these systems when necessary
  • How to obtain the proper permits necessary for many demolition and construction projects.

Any mistakes during the kitchen demo process could be extremely expensive to correct and may push your installation deadline out further than you’d like.

Contractor Referrals or References

One of the best ways to avoid contractors who don’t show up on time, perform poor quality work or exceed estimated demo costs is to ask around for recommendations. Your friends, neighbors and family members could tell you pretty confidently who will give you a good deal for your investment. Contractors and home improvement companies appreciate the word-of-mouth advertising and you may even get a discount in the end, too.

Multiple Quotes

Don’t settle with the first contractor you speak to. You may be surprised at how cost estimates can vary between companies. Take your time and get estimates from several different contractors. Ask for a detailed cost breakdown of the work and what will be provided in their cost estimate. Being able to compare quotes and the cost analyses of multiple companies will help you get the best possible deal for your demolition costs.

Donate vs Destroy

There may be organizations in your community that could greatly benefit from repurposing your old kitchen cabinetry, sink or appliances. Non-profits like Habitat for Humanity and similar organizations may be available to do much or all your kitchen deconstruction in exchange for your good quality cabinetry, fixtures and appliances. Simply search out these organizations and contact them for more information.

Keep it Simple

Keep your major fixtures and appliances in the same spot and just replace the cabinetry. One of the most expensive costs to a kitchen demolition and renovation involves moving plumbing, relocating appliances or tearing down walls. Avoiding these major changes can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your total project.

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