7 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes To Avoid

7 kitchen remodel mistakes to avoid

Remodeling a kitchen is no small task. This is a major project that has the potential to be absolutely fabulous or prove quite underwhelming. Proper planning will help you avoid the common pitfalls others have experienced when remodeling their kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of these mistakes to help you plan a kitchen that proves visually striking and provides functional dexterity.

Failing to Plan Enough Counter Space

Counter space is essential for food preparation, spreading out ingredients, storing items and placing cookbooks. Take a moment to consider all the items you keep on your kitchen counters. Everything from a bowl of fruit to a juicer is positioned in this space. If you don’t plan enough room, your kitchen counters will inevitably become quite cluttered.

Forgetting or Neglecting the Backsplash

Those who remodel their kitchen and do not include a backsplash inevitably regret the decision. A backsplash is much more than a visually pleasing kitchen element. It is an essential component of keeping your kitchen perfectly clean. The oven will generate considerable grease, steam and food spills. Nearby walls will be damaged unless a robust backsplash is added. Invest in a backsplash now and it will save you money in the form of reduced wall damage.

Leave plenty of space for the backsplash. If this space is interrupted by cabinets, windows or other items, its utility will be compromised. Such protrusions might also make the backsplash look a bit odd if it is divided up into two or more sections. Leave at least a seven-inch gap around nearby windows and other items to allow for the placement of tile.

Insufficient Lighting

You use sharp knives and read recipes in the kitchen. Ample lighting is essential for vision as well as safety. Add lights across the entirety of the kitchen: above the main space, below the upper cabinets, above the kitchen island, over the counters and so on. This way, you will be able to see exactly what you are doing with those sharp knives. Furthermore, a bright and lively kitchen will uplift your mood.

Failing to Plan Sufficient Storage Space

When in doubt, plan more storage space than you think you will need. Add extra cabinets, drawers, pantries and other storage spaces. This way, you will have more than enough space for all the cookware and utensils you currently own plus future additions. You won’t have to worry about sorting through the contents of an overstuffed cabinet as there will be plenty of room to spare. This extra space will do wonders for your kitchen’s organization.

Weak or Minimal Ventilation

Think of all those powerful scents that emanate from your kitchen. This space requires adequate ventilation so the air remains fresh and clean. Adequate ventilation will even prolong the lifespan of your appliances. When in doubt, opt for an uber-powerful ventilation system that will rid this important space of all those odors so you can enjoy the food prep and cooking process in peace.

Poor Refrigerator Placement

Take some time to consider the perfect place for your refrigerator. You don’t want your refrigerator to interfere with other cabinet doors. Furthermore, placing the refrigerator by another rectangular-shaped item such as the main doorway will create an unbalanced aesthetic due to the rectangle’s’ height difference.

Plan With Care

You only get one shot at remodeling your kitchen. The time to sidestep those major pitfalls is right now. Take your time, think critically and try to envision your new kitchen in detail with your mind’s eye. Sweat the small stuff now and you will soon enjoy the kitchen of your dreams.