Benefits of Repurposing Your Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Benefits of Repurposing Your Existing Kitchen Cabinets Lifestyle

Many homeowners take their kitchen cabinets for granted. They see them as mere storage areas for cutlery, dishware, pots & pans, and food items.

More thoughtful ones, however, realize that kitchen cabinets and countertops can, in many cases, actually serve multiple uses if they are properly repurposed.

Here are a few suggestions along these lines to help the average do-it-yourselfer get started.

Increased Utility

Many homeowners do not realize how much-wasted space in their kitchen cabinetry can be recaptured with a little thought and a little effort. For instance, by widening a counter top, extra seating space can be created or by adding an under-counter appliance known as a turntable, that formerly useless space in the back corner of a cabinet can be used to store all sorts of ungainly and rarely used appliances.

Improved aesthetics

Refinishing existing cabinets – either by painting or staining them – and then adding new hardware can completely remake the look of almost any kitchen. Imagine your old-fashioned French country-style kitchen transformed into a neo-modern oasis. Repurposing kitchen cabinets in this manner is actually one of the most affordable ways of updating the most important room in the house.

Enhanced ambiance

While new cabinetry will undoubtedly modernize the look of a kitchen, some homeowners prefer the look and feel of an older one. Still, there is a difference between an outdated kitchen and one with a certain sense of style. By refinishing cabinetry in a distressed manner, a DIYer can create this particular ambiance while also increasing the usability of the space.

A Greater sense of space

By replacing the standard solid wooden doors with inlaid glass ones, a homeowner can add visual impact but also increase the perceived sense of space in the kitchen.

This is especially useful in a small kitchen where the environment may feel cramped and isolated – even if two people are working side-by-side.

Glass cabinet doors also make it easier to find needed items although they can be problematic visually if you are not particularly organized and detail-oriented.

Added resale value

By repurposing their existing cabinets, a homeowner lowers the remodeling cost – no new cabinets need to be purchased, just the doors and hardware – and greatly increases the value of the home to both themselves and also to any potential buyers.

In fact, real estate agents will routinely point out that remodeling a kitchen adds the most resale value to a home at the least cost.

It should be evident that repurposing kitchen cabinetry provides a lot of opportunity for the do-it-yourself remodeler. Not only can you create a kitchen to suit your aesthetic tastes but also to fit your day-to-day needs.

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