Common Mistakes in Your Kitchen Remodel

Common Mistakes in Your Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen remodel is an opportunity to enhance this important portion of your home for the next decade. The decisions you make during the remodeling process shape the look, feel and functionality of your kitchen. If you make a seemingly minor mistake while planning and performing the remodel, it will linger for years to come. Let’s take a look at some of the most common kitchen remodel pitfalls to help you steer clear of these mistakes and enjoy a truly flawless kitchen.

Opting for Form Over Function

Too many homeowners choose features that look good as opposed to features that enhance kitchen functionality. Style certainly matters yet it should not shape every single decision you make regarding the remodel. Do not forget the purpose of your kitchen is to serve as a space to prepare food, wash dishes and enjoy the company of family and friends. In the long run, functionality matters much more than form. So don’t lose sight of storage, lighting, accessibility, and ventilation when planning your kitchen remodel.

Planning the Remodel With a Rough Sketch

A two-dimensional drawing will not suffice for your kitchen remodel. This is a major project that occurs about once every decade. The layout of your kitchen will be fully reconfigured. This means you need detailed three-dimensional drawings that show exactly what this space will look like upon completion.

Failing to Account for the Flow of Foot Traffic

The flow of people through the kitchen matters a great deal. If opening the refrigerator or cabinets blocks one or several walkways, you will regret the design of your newly remodeled kitchen. Furthermore, there should be enough space for two cooks to move throughout the kitchen without impediment. A virtual model will provide a clear view of what the remodeled kitchen will look like.

Over-focusing on a Single Element

The best kitchen remodels are visually and financially balanced. If you spend an egregious amount of money on one specific kitchen component, the other elements of this important space will be sacrificed. So don’t go all in on one big-ticket item assuming it will serve as a centerpiece that offsets other aspects of the kitchen. It is better to spread out your budget across countertops, lighting, an island, appliances, a backsplash, and several other elements.

Insufficient Lighting

You need ample light to see while preparing meals in your kitchen. If there is insufficient lighting, you will find it difficult to slice, dice, chop, mix, read recipes, scroll through your tablet and complete other tasks in the kitchen. Furthermore, abundant lighting is better for the eyes. Add in the fact that a well-lit kitchen will elevate your mood and it is easy to see why kitchen remodeling experts insist on installing lights throughout the entirety of the kitchen.

Selecting the Wrong Stools

If your kitchen remodel will incorporate a small table or an island, you will need stools and/or chairs. If the kitchen seating is at the wrong height, you, family members and friends will hesitate to spend a significant amount of time enjoying meals at the kitchen island. The subtleties also matter with chairs. If chair armrests are not at the proper height, your kitchen island/table seating will prove uncomfortable and sabotage the dining experience.

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