What is the Typical Timeline To Complete a DIY Kitchen Remodel?


DIY kitchen remodeling is an appealing alternative to people who want to cut down on costs or simply want the fun of having to do everything on their own. Despite the advantages, most homeowners steer clear of DIY, since they aren’t really sure of how long the DIY remodel will take. This is a clever move for those interested in fast completion. DIY projects are irregular. No two projects will have matching timelines.

Why Do You Need a Timeline?

A timeline adds some focus to an otherwise irregular DIY remodel project. The fact that you are in charge of everything or are trying to remodel in bits could easily throw you out of perspective.

By adding some sense of time and smaller goals to the project, you will keep the urgency and remain focused over time. A timeline lends a sense of direction to the process, hence creating a tangible blueprint that you can use to estimate your DIY remodel project and keep tabs on what you buy from the very start.

A DIY timeline for your kitchen will vary depending on what you want to do and how complex each stage will be. If you want to split your remodeling project into modules, there will always be some breaks between different modules, especially if you want to recycle as much as possible.

Even though your DIY project will vary depending on how you intend to handle the project, a typical DIY timeline will help you draft your own custom plan. A plan that will define your project’s scope and help you keep focused all through.

A Typical Timeline at a Glance

A typical timeline will consist of the major steps of the remodel and the time you think you will need to complete each step. A more elaborate plan will also indicate how you intend to accomplish each stage and a budget breakdown. The main steps are:

  • A complete design and planning
  • Talk to professionals you might need in the process
  • Order necessary fixtures and appliances
  • Strip the kitchen and do the electrical and plumbing work
  • Install the new fixtures
  • Final touches and cleaning up

The time to completion of each stage always varies depending on the complexity of your project. The most important part of your DIY remodel timeline is the design and planning stage, since it determines what you will do next and how you will do it.

A Great Plan Will Secure Your Success

A great plan outlining your each step of your DIY project and how you intend to accomplish different tasks will give your project a great foundation. It will shape your timeline and determine what aspects of the typical timeline you have to eliminate and what you can keep.

  • If your design process doesn’t involve reorienting your kitchen, then you will not have to do any new electrical and plumbing (unless you are adding new fixtures to the kitchen)
  • You won’t have to worry about tearing up the floor and preparing the surface if you don’t want to install a new hardwood floor
  • You might need more time on the fixture and appliance procurement stage if you are interested in recycling or buying used fixtures and renovating them

Consult with the professionals at Lifestyle Cabinetry before pulling the trigger on things you are unsure of. If you have to meddle with the kitchen wiring or plumbing, then talking to a plumber or an electrician could save you a lot of pain down the line. These are the professionals who will help you handle the aspects of the project you can’t do alone.

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