Don’t Remodel Your Kitchen Without This List

Dont Remodel Your Kitchen Without This List

While remodeling the kitchen of your home is almost certainly a very worthwhile project, the task should not be entered into lightly. There are numerous factors that should be considered beyond the simple fact of the price tag. In fact, functionality and aesthetics should also rank high on the list of considerations. with those thoughts in mind, here is a quick rundown of the most important questions to ask before embarking on a kitchen remodel:

  • Who is the remodel directed at? – There is no harm in remodeling a kitchen to meet you and your family’s own needs but, if you are planning on selling the home in the next few years, you should also consider the needs of the marketplace. In other words, consider your future plans for the house and create your kitchen remodel with those plans in mind. After all, the only constant is change and you may want to move in a year or two.
  • Have you considered the integrity of the design? – While a modernist kitchen in a traditional Tudor home may not offend your own aesthetic sensibilities, it may be jarring to other people – most notably those who may be considering a purchase. It simply makes good sense to contain your design enthusiasm around the décor of the rest of the house. Maintaining the basic design sense of a home is especially important when it comes to its most important room.
  • Are you concentrating on functionality? – In the end, a kitchen really is really all about functionality – not just for preparing meals but also for accomplishing a whole host of other family activities. From doing homework with the kids to socializing with the neighbors, the kitchen is the focal point of most modern American homes. Keep this fact in mind when designing and remodeling yours.
  • Are you utilizing all of the available space? – Aside from that pesky corner space underneath the countertops – which is easily made available with a turntable – many kitchens ignore the upper reaches of the room. There is no better place to store rarely used appliances than up above the more usual storage places. A small step ladder kept in the pantry makes those spaces almost as accessible as the rest of the kitchen.
  • Are you skimping on quality for quantity? – Admittedly, usable space is a high priority in any kitchen. Most notably, there is a great need for both work and storage space. This fact means that many kitchens are often overloaded with inferior quality cabinetry that will not hold up over time because it creates the greatest amount of room. Instead, it is highly recommended that solid wood – not particle board – cabinetry be used even if it means that you lose a cabinet or two in the process due to budgetary constraints.
  • Have you gone overboard on appliances? Without a doubt, appliances are a great labor saving device and purchasing quality ones that will last for years is a good idea. Nevertheless, appliance manufacturers have gone a little overboard on delivering a whole host of extras that are not really necessary. Unless you have an unlimited budget and are living in an ultra luxurious home, show a little restraint when it comes to appliances. Most folks can do without the majority of the “bells and whistles” available on the highest-end units.

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