Popular Door Styles For ANY Kitchen

Popular Door Stylesd For Any Kitchen Conestoga Lifestyle

Are you looking to remodel or change your kitchen style? Kitchen cabinets are the most important element of your kitchen design, as they are the most visible, besides being among the most expensive parts of your kitchen.

Changing your cabinet doors is the simplest way of adding a new style or feel without necessarily altering your kitchen layout.

Below is a list of cabinet door styles to guide you in choosing the best fit for your desired kitchen style and budget.

  1. Shaker: this is the most common type as it fits almost all decor types from traditional to contemporary. It consists of 5 pieces, 4 frame pieces, and one central flat piece. Shaker cabinet doors vary in terms of stains, paint color, hardware and wood species. The budget for this will vary depending on the wood type used. Picking a natural over painted finish can save you up to 20%.
  2. Louvered: these are typically horizontal wooden slates, a style commonly used on house windows and doors. These cabinet doors bring out a distinctive architectural style. They have spaces between the slates which are ideal for ventilation, especially if you have a radiator in the kitchen. They are however one of the most expensive cabinet styles.
  3. Flat: this style is stylishly simple. Its hard lines and minimalist form makes it ideal for any modern or contemporary designs. It comes in either decorative wood or laminate. Laminate is preferred by many as it is cheaper and comes in a variety of sheen and colors.
  4. Inset: this type of cabinet door is set inside the cabinet frame, contrary to the common fitting outside the frame. Inset cabinets will need precise measurements in design and construction, to make sure it nests well in the frame while allowing for them to easily open and close, in spite of any wood expansions and contractions. It is important to note that these doors have exposed hinges, two on each door, which is mostly bought separately incurring an extra charge. They are among the most expensive but will give you an ageless classy look.
  5. Distressed: this is ideal if you are into antique styles. You can choose any cabinet style and have it rubbed off at the corners, or have any other distressed style incorporated. This will cost you an extra 15-20%. Alternatively, you could get a professional painter to paint on your existing cabinets.
  6. Beadboard: best for a cottage type of look. The center panel is similar to the traditional beadboard paneling. It comes in an all-white look that is bright and clean but very difficult to keep clean.
  7. Thermofoil: this cabinet door is molded from medium density fiberboard, wrapped in a plastic type coating and baked under intense heat to create an impervious seal. It is durable and cost-effective but difficult to repair if damaged. It mostly comes in solid colors and imitation wood grain, as lighter colors yellow from the sun and heat with time.
  8. Custom: this style gives you the freedom to put in your creativity and imagination. With the help of a local designer or craft person, you can get to personalize your design.
  9. Glass: glass adds depth to the interior making it appear larger, in addition to showing off your decorative kitchenware. It is expensive due to the labor put into fitting the glass into the frames. Glass is, however, versatile as it comes in many different styles.
  10. Raised panel: similar to shaker but the central panel is raised instead of flat. This style is ideal for traditional and quality craftsmanship designs. This cabinet style can only be made from wood but comes in a variety of hardwood finishes.
  11. Arch/ cathedral: this design has a curve on the upper frame of the door. The cathedral cabinet has a decorative but country feel, thus not ideal for a more of sophisticated classy feel. It also has the disadvantage of reducing the storage space as it’s a partial overlay cabinet type.

It is important to have your desired kitchen design in mind when choosing the ideal cabinet door style. For more information on RTA cabinet doors and how you can incorporate your desired style into your new kitchen, contact Lifestyles Cabinetry and Millwork today.