Game Changing Glass Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Game Changing Glass Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinets never really stop being popular and appreciated for its unique qualities. Glass front cabinets have been a staple in traditional kitchens for quite some time and have been recently showing up in kitchens that are more transitional or modern in style.

They are a great compromise between solid cabinetry and open shelving, allowing you to organize everything neatly inside a unit and to have it put on display at the same time. And now you have a multitude of options for your kitchen style. There are lots of variations based on the type of glass you choose giving you the opportunity to create a truly unique kitchen design.


In the kitchen, cabinets with glass fronts or shelves are liked for their transparency and the fact that they frame items nicely, putting them on display without exposing them entirely. Of course, if you’re not a fan of transparency in your decor, there are other types of glass to choose from.

Here are some of the most common options:

  • Clear glass – This clean style offers a view straight into the heart of your cabinetry, a sight that can make you and your guests feel right at home in your kitchen. Clear glass lets you show off your tip-top organization skills or your prized collection of family heirlooms.


  • Frosted glass – This style is a staple in contemporary and modern designs. The frosted effect is created when clear glass is sandblasted; the resulting rough surface scatters light, producing a translucent, blurred look, similar to a matte finish. Frosted glass allows a sneak peek into the inside of your cabinetry but conceals most of the details.


  • Textured glass – Textured glass is just what it sounds like: glass molded or embossed with a pattern for visual and tactile appeal. It can be ribbed, pebbled, grooved, beveled or otherwise patterned. It’s popular not only because of the layer of interest it adds, but because it helps to blunt the outlines of cabinet flotsam within, and it masks smears and streaks well.


  • Colored or stained glass – Technically, it isn’t stained. Rather, this type of glass is made through a process of cutting, painting, and glazing. Either way, the streaks of reds, golds, blues, and greens in geometric formations can bring an Art Deco flair to your kitchen.


  • Mullion front glass – Wood mullions applied to glass door panels provide the look of individual panes of glass. They can appear in a standard square grid pattern, an X pattern, as Gothic arches and as overlapping curves. Decorative mullions on glass cabinet doors provide stylish architectural detailing and an upscale look in traditional style kitchens.


  • Diamond panel glass – This designer style is all about subtlety. Use diamond-paneled glass as an alternative to color and texture if you’re looking for a way to add dimension to your cabinets.

Advantages of Glass Front Cabinets

Glass front cabinet doors look more modern than wood or solid style doors, and because the inside of the cabinets are visible, they can be painted a fun, complementary color for a stylish statement. Plus, glass is much easier to clean than wood and won’t stain.

Glass front cabinet doors will modernize an outdated kitchen and give it a more open look. Items in the cupboards are not completely hidden when you have glass doors, so it’s an opportunity to display colorful dinnerware or a set of fun vintage glasses.

So, no matter what style of glass you use or where you insert it, these windows into your lifestyle make cooking and socializing all the more personal. If you are ready to update your kitchen and add a touch of class with glass front cabinets, contact Lifestyle Cabinetry and Millwork today.