Have You Considered MDF?

Have You Considered MDF?Most homeowners will eventually work on a home improvement project. Whether a skilled DIYer or a new owner looking to make some cost-effective improvements, you’ll likely be involved in some projects including replacing your flooring, fixing a window, or undertaking a larger project like a kitchen remodel.




Kitchen improvements net some of the best returns on your home investment, with remodels under $15,000 getting a return of 92.9 percent on investment. This ranks as one of the top projects you can do to improve both your everyday living and also your home value. When considering a remodel, you’ll want to start with the largest and most static part of your kitchen–the cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Materials

You may be surprised at what materials actually makeup kitchen cabinets. While most people imagine hardwoods like oak and cherry, solid throughout, there is often more hiding behind the scenes.


Older houses can often have plywood cabinets. Plywood refers to thin layers of wood that are pressed and glued together to create a sturdier and thicker piece of wood than the original. Edges will have a slightly striped look, and the material is frequently painted. Many remodelers will leave the old cabinet in place and add new facades of more expensive hardwoods, new doors, and new hardware.


Another common cabinetry choice is MDF. MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. Like plywood, this is an engineered and manufactured wood, but instead of using thin wood sheets this material uses sawdust combined with glue and heat. The resulting material is very strong with an even texture but is far less expensive than solid wood because it uses leftover materials.

Why MDF is a fantastic option for your remodel

As mentioned, the price is a serious consideration in choosing cabinet material. Hardwood and other solid wood cabinetry will always cost top dollar. There are some additional wood options like bamboo, but this again can vary greatly in price based on how the bamboo is cut and reassembled. While solid wood is a gorgeous option for staining, it can be a poor option for painting.

Natural woods are more changeable than engineered woods, expanding and contracting due to climate and moisture in the air. If you ever want to see this in action, go to your local home retailer and look at their pallets of 2×4’s. The wrapped pallets will appear to have all the boards straight, but the open pallets will start to show warps and curves. Natural wood can create cracks in your paint, and gaps in the seams between cabinet joints.

Installation of MDF

While the cost of material and appearance matters, many decisions ultimately come down to ease of installation. MDF can be ordered in preassembled cabinets according to your desired shapes and design. Choose your style and finish of cabinet doors and select hardware to match your new theme, such as chrome handles. You can then choose to install the cabinets yourself or get professional installation. Professional install should be available from your local cabinet retailer, and will not require a general contractor to oversee the rest of your remodel.
So expand your options, and embrace affordable engineered materials like MDF. Your kitchen remodel adds definite value to your home, in addition, to increase your comfort and the beauty of your living space.
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