Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

Renovated kitchen cabinetsTrying to renovate a kitchen can be both costly and highly inconvenient. The project can drag on and further costs could cause the price to skyrocket.

However, that isn’t necessarily true. As long as you plan well enough, then you can actually have a remodeled kitchen on a reasonable budget.

Planning the Project

There are a few key points that you must ask before going through with the project.

  • How much is your budget?
  • Which areas do you want to renovate?
  • What is the overall finished kitchen look you want?

Forming a budget allows you to manage how much you can feasibly spend on the overall renovation. When you figure out exactly how many different parts of your kitchen need to be renovated, you can start figuring out where to spend the money and how.

You are ultimately interested in what the kitchen will eventually look like in the end. What is the style or look that you hope the room will project when the renovation is done? Don’t fall into the trap of changing certain areas due to the trend without matching them to the rest of the kitchen, otherwise, this will lead to an odd mixed final look for the kitchen.

Deciding Areas to Renovate

Planning for what sort of eventual look you want can help dictate which areas of the kitchen you want to change. So before you even start, make sure you already know where and with what items you want to renovate the kitchen with. One cause of spiraling costs on this project is a tendency to pick trendy choices during the actual process. So avoid this issue and pick and choose at the very beginning.

At this point, you want to concentrate on areas where you want to change. Perhaps it is the cabinets or the drawers that seem out-of-place for your new potential look, then decide how you want to change them. Sometimes, new material is needed. Other times, a simple paint job can greatly change the look.

Look for Bargain Possibilities

Rather than tear down a part of the kitchen and completely renovate it, a simpler and more cost-effective approach could be used.

For instance, a set of shelves could look outdated. Try adding a glass or wood door in front to transform the area into a cabinet of sorts. Adding lights underneath overhead shelves or cabinets can provide a more modern appearance – and at much less cost. Sometimes, a renovation isn’t needed when a simpler remake works just as well.

Look for stores that sell slightly used appliances. Perhaps the stove or refrigerator has the look you are aiming for but has some slight dents or scratches. If you can cover them up, you can get them at reduced prices.

You don’t want the project to drag on, so finding ways to do a remodel instead of a renovation can help both on the budget and on the time. If you are able to enter with a clear plan and already have the ideas where and how you want to renovate your kitchen, then you are ready to start looking for cheaper alternatives in terms of time, energy, and materials. In doing so, you can cut down on that budget and make the renovating process much more financially appealing.

Use our Pricing Calculator to get a quick snapshot of your estimated custom cabinetry cost.