The secret to a successful remodel is the perfect plan. Inaccurate measurements can make that plan worthless. What use is adding an island if it takes up so much space? And what happens if you don’t allow room for your cabinets to properly open without hitting the stove? This kitchen measurement guide will make sure you get the right information that you need.

You will need: a tape measure, straight edge ruler, a pencil, and scratch paper and/or graph paper.


Step 1: Make a Rough Sketch

Draw out a rough outline of your existing space. Make note of any openings i in your room. This includes doors, windows, closets, alcoves, islands, gas line entries, plumbing penetrations and electrical outlets. Be sure to label each of these items.


Step 2: Collect Your Measurements


You will need to measure your walls first. Be sure to record this in inches, not in feet. You will measure from wall edge to wall edge.

Windows and Doors

Windows need to be measured for width and height. You will also need to record the measurement from edge of the wall to the outside edge of the window. Consider the trim part of the actual window. You will measure your doors in the exact same way.


You will need to determine your ceiling height. You will measure to from the floor all the way to the ceiling. This will determine how tall your cabinets can be.


Next measure where the center of your sink is. You will also need to find the center of your stove. Start at the nearest wall edge and measure to the middle of the appliance. Round to the nearest one-sixteenth on an inch.

You will also need to measure any appliances that will remain. Not all appliances are standard. You will need the width, depth, and height from the floor.


Step 3: Check Your Measurements

Be sure everything is properly measured, recorded and labeled on your sketch. Accuracy is key here. Every fraction matters, especially in the kitchen cabinet process. Avoid rounding to the nearest half-inch or quarter-inch. Take exact measurements to prevent problems during installation. An incorrect measurement can throw off the entire design and cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to correct the mistake.

Now you are ready to design your dream kitchen. Lifestyle Cabinetry and Millwork can assist you in that process.

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