How to Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

Dark, custom cabinetryRemodeling a kitchen may be one of the most complicated, yet satisfying projects you’ll ever perform. It’s not an easy project as there are numerous decisions to make as you move through the kitchen remodel process, but there is help to guide you. These are steps you will find helpful even if you’ve never remodeled a kitchen. To begin, you’ll want to have a plan on how the kitchen will look when you’re finished.

Planning How to Perform Your Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is no longer just a place to prepare food. Kitchens have become the heart of a home and often serve as a multi-function room. To begin your plans, think in terms of efficiency, longevity, and style. Budgets are also important to keep in mind. You need to know how much you can afford to know which changes you can make. Here are some ideas to consider for your kitchen remodel.


Planning is the most important first-step and should take more time than actual remodel. With a good plan, your project won’t inconvenience you with construction mayhem longer than necessary. It will also help you stay within your budget as there will be less impulsive decisions. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends you take at least six months planning your project. A good plan leaves less room for changes and keeps you on track.

Existing Kitchen

Know all the measurements of your existing kitchen. You will need to know if the new appliances will fit through the doorways. Some kitchens have cut-out spaces for refrigerators and stoves, and you’ll want to make sure the new ones fit those areas. Creating a drawing of your kitchen often helps to avoid mistakes. In your picture make sure you indicate heights and work aisles to support more than one person.


Plan for you kitchen to be accessible to everyone. Incorporate features such as pull-out drawers and shelves. Consider the height of your counters and perhaps make them adjustable. Often a wall oven saves you room versus the range or a microwave built in over the range rather than sitting in a cupboard. These are ideas to think about and decide on before construction begins.

Real Appliances

Keep your appliances practical and real. Appliances are tools necessary to cook and store your food. Your kitchen remodels shouldn’t be focused entirely on the tools. You will want to make functionality and design your top priority. Keep your budget focused on adding long-term features that will create value for your home. Cabinets and flooring will increase the value more than fancy appliances.

Power of Lighting

Lighting will make all the difference in your kitchen. Having an adequately lighted kitchen will make it appear larger and brighter. There are different types of lighting to consider. Under-cabinet lights should be on your list as these are usually the darkest areas in your kitchen. Recessed lights are ideal for sinks and areas where you prepare your food. Pendant lighting will work well over islands and other low cabinets.

Performing your own kitchen remodel project can be cost-efficient and in some cases quicker than hiring a contractor. Make durability and functionality your top priority. With a solid plan in place before you begin, you’ll stay within your budget and on track for completion. If you are concerned with any part of your project, know there are professionals on hand to provide advice along the way.

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