First Impressions Count!

Our customers are picky, and we’re ok with that! We want to help you create the unique look to your kitchen that you’ve dreamed of. Tie your custom kitchen cabinets together with door profiles that match your unique style.

Lifestyle Cabinetry and Millwork offers a large assortment of custom options that allow you to enhance the look of any door in your kitchen.

The profile options that you choose are what make your cabinet doors and drawer fronts unique. Combine practical design with custom features with our broad selection of edge profiles, panel raises and framing beads

Edge Profiles

Whether your design style is simple or opulent, make a statement when others gather in your kitchen by selecting an edge profile to create a unique look for your door.

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Framing Beads

On your custom kitchen doors, details count! The framing bead is the area of your custom kitchen door that meets the panel area. Our selection of framing beads can provide a clean, unassuming appearance, or create a more sophisticated look, ideal for glazed finishes.

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Panel Raises

If you’re looking to make an impact on the look of your door style, consider the panel raise of your door. The slope, slant, and curve of your panel raise can create a custom look for your kitchen cabinet. A simple slant is perfect for a simple style, while a more intricate slant and lavish cutout style might be more appropriate for an elaborate design.

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Panel Grooves

These smooth grooves are routed directly into the face of the door’s panel and can support a variety of designs. Whether you prefer a warm cottage style or relaxing coastal design, the finished product will be anything but ordinary.

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Peg Options

If mortise & tenon designs are more your speed consider a peg option! Incorporating this simple design element can provide a whole new look to your custom kitchen. Choose from diamond, pyramid, and square features.

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