Putting Your Kitchen Island to Work

Putting your kitchen island to work

The kitchen island is the place in the kitchen where family members tend to gather.

Kitchen islands can provide just about whatever function or form the homeowner desires.

If you would like this portion of the kitchen to provide space for preparing ingredients, extra seating or a nice visual touch, it is possible.

Let’s take a look at some ideas as to how you can put your kitchen island to work.

Bar Stool Seating

Add some bar stools around your kitchen islands and it will serve as a comfortable space for socialization. Invite your friends or family over and have a few drinks around the kitchen island while dinner is in the oven.

Consider adding a towel bar as well for added convenience.


Add a shelf or two to your kitchen island and it will provide considerable utility. This space will accommodate everything from spices to cookware, silverware, cookbooks, dish rags, towels and beyond.

The best part is the kitchen island shelves will only be a few steps away from your food prep counter, oven, and refrigerator.

This is the extra kitchen storage space you have been looking for!


Waterfall counters also referred to as risers, can be used on kitchen islands to extend the counter to the floor along each of the island endpoints. This makes it seem as though the counter cascades on down to the floor similar to how water cascades over a cliff.

Waterfall counters are absolutely glorious to look at. Incorporate this design into your kitchen island and this space will undoubtedly serve as the highlight of your kitchen.

Waterfall counters also prove highly functional as well. The kitchen island depth is often widened when a waterfall counter is added so there is additional seating space for family members and guests.

There will be plenty of room to tuck in those stools so they are out of the way when the island isn’t being used.


If you have a medium to large size kitchen island, it has an array of storage possibilities beyond drawers. Use your island’s large storage spaces for everything from your trash bin to recycling bins, wine bottles and other bulky items that you would like concealed as opposed to out in the open.


Kitchen islands can accommodate an array of amenities. Anything from drawers and shelves to a dishwasher, stovetop, range hood or prep sink can be implemented in this space.

Your kitchen island really can become the centerpiece for cooking and entertaining if you choose your amenities wisely.

A Small Dining Space

If you have a reasonably sized kitchen island, there is no need for a kitchen table. This is an excellent dining space in and of itself. So don’t take up space in your kitchen with a separate table and chairs. You can save plenty of space by adding some chairs to your kitchen island and using the space for meals. Keep in mind your kitchen is likely considered the heart of your home. It really is the ideal place for your family members to gather for a meal.

Make the Most of Your Kitchen Island’s Potential

Be creative with this important part of your kitchen and it will make the space that much more useful. Use your imagination, ask your family members for input and you will eventually settle on an idea for your kitchen island that everyone under your roof appreciates. Let us help you create the kitchen you’ve always wanted with the island you deserve! Contact Lifestyle Cabinetry and Millwork today.