Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Contractor

Questions to ask before you hire a contractor Lifestyle Cabinetry and Millwork

A kitchen remodeling project requires a considerable amount of trust in a team of designers, builders, and installers. These individuals will spend plenty of time in your home. It is imperative that you feel comfortable with them in all regards. Here’s what to ask when vetting prospective kitchen remodeling contractors.

Are you licensed and insured?

Request proof of insurance. Kitchen remodeling contractors worth hiring carry insurance for liability, property damage, and workers’ compensation. This way, if an employee is damaged on your property, you will not have to foot the bill for causally related expenses. The contractor should be licensed in accordance with all local requirements. Request proof of the license. Make sure it is current.

Can you provide references?

The best contractors will not hesitate to provide references from current and former customers. Ask for half a dozen references. Contact at least three to gauge the contractor’s merit.

Have you completed a kitchen remodel in the past year?

Some contractors remodel all portions of the home. Others specialize in kitchen renovations. It is risky to ally with a contractor who has not completed a kitchen renovation in the previous year. The team of employees should be well-versed and experienced with kitchen remodeling techniques, equipment, protocols etc.

Are you willing to provide a written estimate and contract?

If a contractor refuses to put the quote and contract details in writing, move on to the next candidate. A verbal quote and agreement will not suffice. You need the project’s information in writing to protect your financial interest. The main components of the project should be detailed in the written contract. These include the start date, the anticipated completion date, the cost, the materials to be used and so on.

Will a dedicated teamwork on my kitchen remodel?

Some contracting companies work on several projects at once. Though it is not extremely important that the same crew of workers completes every portion of your kitchen remodel, you deserve some level of consistency. Determine the number of workers who will be working on your kitchen remodel. Request the name of the project manager. Ask what, exactly, he will oversee each day.

Find out if the company works with subcontractors. If so, determine what steps have been taken to qualify these groups. Furthermore, you must find out if subcontractors are covered by the main contractor’s insurance policies.

How long will the project take?

The contractor should provide a clear picture as to how long it will take to begin and finish your kitchen remodeling project. Though a window of time for the project’s completion is acceptable, it should be narrowed down to at least a few weeks rather than a month. Furthermore, you deserve to know how often the owner of the contracting company will check the progress of your project.

Can you explain the payment schedule?

Most contractors do not require that the client pays the full cost of the project upfront. Take the time necessary to discuss project payment terms prior to the start of the construction. Find out exactly how much is due, when those amounts are due and whether payment is based on dates or project increments.

Don’t Move Forward Until You are Comfortable

Take your time when searching for the perfect kitchen remodeling contractor. If you are even slightly uncomfortable with a prospective contractor, take as much time as necessary to address those uncertainties. Do not lose sight of the fact that this is a major project. Do your homework, ally with the best in town and you will rest easy while the experts work on your kitchen.