Seven Bold Colors to Add Some Personality to Your Kitchen Cabinets

There is an almost endless number of choices to be made about kitchen cabinetry – configuration, the type of wood and hardware are some of the most notable – but the most important aesthetic choice is what accent colors to paint them.

Here are some ideas on the subject:

Lemon Twist

If a touch of springtime every morning is what you are looking for, seriously consider using this color to brighten and warm your kitchen. The color is especially suitable for those homeowners who like to include flowers or other plants into your space. Not only does the lemon yellow color accent the plants themselves but also helps to reflect any ambient sunlight around the room.



Kendal Green

The “Luck of the Irish” always accompanies this color and for good reason – any kitchen decorated in this color is filled with good spirit and hospitality. While Kendal Green does not always mesh well with neutral colors, it is an excellent accent for white-painted cabinets and white marble countertops. It has the added benefit of hiding a whole host of stains from natural ingredients.



Plum Blossom

A somewhat adventurous choice, this light purple color definitely makes a bold statement whenever encountered by a guest for the first time. In fact, it is probably best used as an accent color on a single wall in an otherwise stainless steel or white-countered kitchen. No matter how this color is used, though, it always brings a very “culinary” feel to the kitchen space.




Stop Red

Is there any color that makes a more dramatic statement than a bright red whether in the power tie of a businessman or in the color scheme of a kitchen? It is a vibrant color that will affect both the homeowner and any of their visitors. It is an ideal choice for homeowners who do a lot of entertaining as guests spend a lot of time in the kitchen on these occasions and the color is particularly “perky.”




Fiery Orange

A very non-traditional choice of color but one that suits many traditionally-styled kitchens. The color orange is always warm and inviting and can be used to great effect in spaces that aim to evoke a French Country or Tudor aesthetic. The color can also be subdued to a large extent to mimic the look of natural wood. This last is an interesting effect that has charmed more than a few interior designers and homeowners.





Commodore Blue

This color is eye-catching like no other but can be overwhelming for a kitchen that gets used on a day-to-day basis. It is probably best used in vacation homes where the owner and their guests can enjoy it on a more limited basis. The power of the color can also be diminished to some degree with muted appliances, dishes, and other cookware.




Gleeful Pistachio

While most folks would most likely consider this color to be somewhat less than “bold,” it still makes a definite impression when used in moderation against a modern stainless-steel backdrop. The pistachio color also makes an excellent accompaniment to wood-grained countertops.




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