Should I Remodel My Kitchen Before Selling My House?

Should I Remodel Kitchen Before Selling My House? Lifestyle Cabinetry and Millwork

If you are thinking about selling your home, you are likely wondering how you can boost its appeal to prospective buyers.

An outdated kitchen is a major turn-off to home-seekers.

Invest in a new kitchen and you will attract plenty of interest in your home.

This heightened interest will likely result in substantial offers.

Kitchen Renovation Return on Investment

A lovely new kitchen is exactly what your home needs to generate substantial bids. Consider the amount of time the average person spends in the kitchen.

It can be argued this is the most important space in the entire home.

An attractive and recently upgraded kitchen really does have the potential to serve as a tipping point of sorts that motivates prospective buyers to roll out lofty bids.

In an ideal world, your kitchen remodel will generate a 70 percent return on the initial investment. However, if you have your kitchen remodeled immediately prior to putting your home on the market, it has the potential to generate a profit.

You read that right.

Invest in a spectacular new kitchen and it really can boost the total price of your home to unexpected heights. Some homeowners even view kitchen remodeling projects as similar to investments in stocks and mutual funds.

Select the right upgrades, materials, and colors and the money you spend could prove quite profitable once you start fielding offers.

Remodel With the Right Mindset

The manner in which the kitchen remodel is planned is of the utmost importance. Take your time when selecting the new appliances, materials, colors and other improvements.

Do not focus on what you desire in a new kitchen. Key in on the features with mass appeal that enhance your kitchen to the point that its presence alone inspires offers.

Try to view the eventual remodel from the perspective of a home-seeker. This means you should sweat the small stuff.

Eliminate the oldest portions of your kitchen, aim for an updated appearance and spend wisely.

Context Matters

If you remodel your kitchen in a manner that compromises the existing architecture of your living space, you run the risk of sabotaging your home’s value.

Do not lose sight of the fact that alterations to your kitchen should be performed with resale firmly in mind.

The new kitchen elements must enhance the surrounding spaces. Do not attempt to put a progressive-looking kitchen with an array of high-tech bells and whistles in a home with a conservative and traditional exterior.

Aim for mass appeal rather than those niche buyers who will accept such a contemporary kitchen in a traditional home.

Niche buyers are few and far between.

A Numbers Game

In general, homeowners should plan on spending between 6-10 percent of the home value on the kitchen remodel to obtain a fair return. 

Just be sure to spend on kitchen remodeling features that buyers in your price range tend to covet. Select appliances and materials with care so the perceived value of your kitchen and your home stay at an acceptable level.

Remodel Your Kitchen with Full Confidence

It is clear that a kitchen remodel is worth the investment for those who are staying in their home as well as those who plan to sell. The average home-seeker covets a living space with a stunning kitchen that is new, spacious, well-lit and ergonomically-friendly.

Remodel your kitchen with buyers in mind and it will make the difference between underwhelming offers and a series of fantastic offers. 

Let us help you plan your new kitchen at an affordable price!

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