Small Kitchen Remodel Splurges

Having a smaller kitchen might seem kind of limiting, not only in terms of how functional it currently is, but also in terms of what you can do with it if you’re planning to remodel.

However, there are still a number of renovations that you can invest in that could benefit a small kitchen. The following are just a few remodeling ideas for your small kitchen:

  • Install taller cabinets – One of the challenges of having a small kitchen is that it can be difficult to find storage solutions. Every kitchen needs storage space and if you don’t have enough of it, your kitchen can become disorganized and cluttered. One potential solution is to extend your cabinets to the ceiling. In many kitchens, the cabinets stop short of the ceiling, leaving a significant gap between the tops of the cabinets and the ceiling. This space could be used for additional storage if replaced by taller cabinets.
  • Install shelving – While cabinets are generally the best option, you may not have the space to add more cabinets. In areas where there’s not enough space for extra cabinets, such as above your windows or doorways, you could install shelves. Not only can you use your shelves to store more kitchen items, but you can use them to display decor elements to help improve the aesthetic of your kitchen design.
  • Make energy-efficient updates – The kitchen typically uses up a lot of energy. You can help to reduce your energy costs as well as make your home more environmentally-friendly by investing in a few energy-efficient updates. For example, replacing your kitchen light bulbs with LED lights, which use substantially less energy and last much longer. Replacing your old kitchen windows can also improve the area’s energy efficiency. You may also want to replace older appliances with more energy efficient models as well.
  • Update your faucets – If you have older faucets, new faucets can help improve the look of your kitchen. You may want to look for low-flow faucets, which will reduce the amount of water that you waste.
  • Replace larger appliances – If some of your older appliances are on the bulkier side, consider replacing them with smaller, more modern versions. Doing so can actually help free up some space in your kitchen.
  • Repaint your kitchen space – Think about using lighter, neutral colors to repaint your kitchen. Lighter neutral colors will help make your kitchen feel more open and inviting.
  • Upgrade your lighting – Not only can you invest in more energy-efficient lighting, you can invest in higher quality lighting as well. For example, instead of the single fixture working as the kitchen’s general lighting, you could install recessed lighting to provide better light throughout the kitchen. You could also install LED lighting underneath your upper cabinets to help provide task lighting for your countertops.
  • Add cabinet inserts – It can be difficult to make efficient use of your cabinet space, especially those corner cabinets, in which items are difficult to reach. Consider installing cabinet inserts, such as pullout racks, pull-down spice racks, and Lazy Susan turntables, to make better use out of your cabinets.
  • Install large floor tiles – If your kitchen floor is a little on the busy side visually speaking, you might want to consider replacing it with larger floor tiles. This will create a visual illusion that will make your kitchen space feel less cramped and more spacious.

If you’re looking for ways that you can improve your small space kitchen design, then consider some of these remodeling ideas. For information about our Conestoga RTA cabinets, contact us at Lifestyle Cabinetry and Millwork today.