Smart Organization For Your Kitchen

Multiple pull out shelves

One of the most important elements of any successful kitchen design is storage space. You need to have plenty of storage space or your kitchen is going to end up becoming cluttered and unorganized. In fact, you could argue that you can never have too much storage space.

However, even if you install lots of cabinets and cabinet drawers, there are still ways that you can improve upon them to make your storage space more efficient and convenient. The following are a few additions that can improve the function of your cabinets and cabinet drawers:

Pull-Out Units

Pull-out units are basically lower cabinets that function like drawers. This makes storing and organizing kitchen items much easier and makes things more accessible since you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to rummage through the back of your cabinet for what you’re looking for. There are all kinds of pull-out units available as well. For example, there are base pull-out units that work as shelves that you can essentially just pull out, pull-out units that are narrower and built for spices, and pull-out units that are designed to hold your wastebaskets so that you can hide them from sight.

Cutlery Dividers

Keeping your silverware organized is important, which is why you should get a cutlery divider for one of your drawers. These work much better (and look much better) than using a basic cutlery tray, which tends to shift around within the drawer. There are tons of different cutlery dividers available as well, making it easy to find a divider that will accommodate your specific silverware collection.

Plate Organizers

A lot of people tend to stack their plates in the upper cabinets. This can make it difficult for people with physical limitations to reach. You can make it easier for everyone by implementing a plate organization set into the lower cabinets. Such a setup involves the installation of a deeper drawer designed to hold stacks of plates that won’t shift in place.

Pet Bowl Inserts

One of the inconveniences of having pets is that you have to put their food and water bowls out in the kitchen, where they can easily get kicked over. Keep things clean and tidy by installing a pet bowl insert. This way, you can pull out a bottom drawer that holds your pet bowls in place and makes it easy for your pets to eat and drink without making a mess.

Lazy Susan

One of the biggest disadvantages of a standard cabinet setup is that the corner cabinets often go unused or end up cluttered with items that just get lost. This is because reaching into a corner cabinet is challenging. A lazy susan will allow you to pull out shelves from the corner cabinet, making it easier to store and access any of your kitchen items.

Pullout Towel Bars

Instead of draping your kitchen towels across the handle of your stove, install pull-out towel bars. Pull-out towel bars allow you to store your towels out of the way while still making them easy to access. And you won’t have to worry about your towels falling off the handle of your stove front every time you try to put one back.

Cabinet Door Spice Racks

Cabinet door spice racks are an incredibly effective way to store your spices and make them easy to access in a way that won’t take up much space at all.

These are a few ways that you can improve your kitchen’s cabinet storage space. For more information about our Conestoga cabinet accessories, contact Lifestyles Cabinetry and Millwork today.