What’s Easier: Assembled or RTA cabinets?

Assembled or RTA Cabinets

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen but worried about being on a budget? Not sure whether to opt for the already assembled or ready to assemble cabinets? Below we give you a brief outline of both to better guide you in choosing the ideal option.

Assembled cabinets are the ones that come with drawers and any other hardware already intact. The ready to assemble cabinets, on the other hand, will come in the form of different pieces and parts inclusive of a manual for you to assemble and are generally cheaper.



  • They are ready to install when they arrive hence saving time.
  • There is a guarantee of a better-finished product as it is assembled by professionals using the right tools.
  • Cabinet boxes come in a variety of wood types from top grade wood to premium plywood.
  • The dovetail drawers come sanded and polished.


  • They have a longer shipping time, usually 3 weeks to 3 months longer than the ready to assemble cabinets. This is because when you place an order it takes time to be assembled to your specifications before being shipped.
  • They are generally more expensive to cover the labor that goes into assembling them in the manufacturing company. Shipping is also expensive as it can only be packed in a huge cumbersome package that generally costs more.
  • It can be scratched during shipping and delivery.

Ready to Assemble


  • Cost saving as you save on the otherwise intended labor cost. Shipping is also cheaper as they can be packed in small boxes with flat rate charges.
  • Allows for diverse quality wood choice as you can get a higher quality wood for an RTA, at the same price as that of an assembled cabinet with an inferior wood type.
  • Easy to assemble as most cabinets come with the holes pre-drilled and the brackets and hinges attached to the cabinet doors. The assembling can be done just by the use of a screwdriver and mullet.
  • Shorter shipping time as the cabinets are ready to ship.


  • Extra work, energy and time have to go into assembling the cabinets. Assembling your first cabinet will on average take you between 30-45 minutes. Assembling the rest after will take 15 minutes per cabinet on average.
  • There is a risk of scratching the finish during assembly. This can be avoided by carefully following the instructions provided.


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Which Is Right For You?

The perfect cabinet choice for you will be determined by the time, effort, amount of money you are willing to spend and the quality you are looking for. For more information about RTA cabinets and how they can fit into your new kitchen, contact Lifestyle Cabinetry and Millwork today.