White Kitchen Cabinets are the Foolproof Choice for Any Kitchen Remodel

White Kitchen Cabinets

For many designers and homeowners, white cabinetry seems a little unimaginative and lackluster as a primary design option. For others, however, they are the ideal choice for beginning the design of a kitchen and establishing a base. In fact, for the folks in this latter camp, white cabinets offer a blank canvas upon which the whole palette of colors can be displayed.

Here is why:

White Cabinets Expand the Space

As any psychologist will tell you, personal perception is an area fraught with ambiguity. For this simple reason, the mind can be fooled into a number of quite astounding beliefs. Nowhere is this more evident than through the use of the color white. In fact, by simply incorporating a lot of white cabinets into a small kitchen, space can be made to feel far much larger than it really is.

Their Color (non-color?) Easily Matches Everything

With white cabinetry, a homeowner or interior designer will never have to worry about matching a particular color as white cabinetry is the universal complement. From a calming beige to the most outlandish violet, choose anything you want and your white cabinetry will seamlessly fit in with any evolving color scheme.

They Are Also Immensely Flexible

From traditional French Country style to neo-modern American, white cabinets will mesh well with any type of furniture or fixture. In fact, white cabinets are the perfect backdrop to any style of ornamentation. They do not distract at all and actually highlight the rest of the features in a room. They are a “win” to install no matter what your ultimate taste becomes.

The Cabinets Themselves Never Go Out of Style

Tired of your current kitchen color scheme? The initial installation of white kitchen cabinets means that you do not have to worry. You can change the decor at the drop of a hat and, more importantly, at a very reasonable cost. For instance, just a change of fixtures can markedly change the look and feel of a kitchen. Alternatively, add a vibrant accent wall and you can turn a traditional looking kitchen in a model of 21st-century chic.

Additional Color Can Always be Easily Added

White is actually the absence of color. For this single reason, it is quite easy to add any color to a white background. The color can be added as hardware – knobs and pulls – or colored dishware can be placed behind glass cabinet doors. In addition, an accent wall or decorative trim can be added anywhere in the room to bring a little piece of your own personality to your space.

Unicolor Is Also Attractive

There are many non-traditionalists who prefer a single white color for their whole kitchen. These “modernists” thrive on the idea that silver and white are the only suitable colors for a kitchen. We agree to a certain degree but bear in mind that this stylistic choice is not really suitable for families with children or those that love pasta sauce. In other words, it is a bit of challenge to keep pristinely clean.

Without a doubt, white cabinetry makes an outstanding base for decorating any kitchen but there are still many decisions that must be made before proceeding with the actual installation.

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